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Sample essay topic, essay writing: Sachin Tendulkar - 493 words

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Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar: the name itself strikes terror in the hearts of bowlers and captains all around the world. The Star of Indian Cricket, more like a GOD in India, he is the best player ever gifted to the game of Cricket and should be chosen as the sport personality of the year. He possesses all the strokes in the book and is probably the best cutter and straight driver of the ball today. His technique is impeccable, and he is professional at his approach. And He made the highest runs in a single calendar year.Tendulkar is a batsman who does not like to be kept quiet, in tests or in one day Cricket. He always wants to dominate the bowlers, and he does an excellent job of it.

He can tackle any kind of bowler. He is very deft on his feet, even to the best of pace bowlers and to the deceptive flight of world-class spinners. His strike rate in One day Cricket is over 85 runs per 100 balls, which is superb to say at least. He is excellent hitter of the ball and uses one of the heaviest bats in the game.His technique is impeccable; he packs tremendous power and strength into his short, stocky frame, and his ability to time the ball is exemplary, making him the most dreaded batsman in One Day Cricket. He has had very few dry runs, because of his technique that is close to perfection- lovely body balance, sure feet movement, a solid defense, a wide array of strokes off either foot against both spin and pace, and an in-born ability to cope with the challenges of different wickets and conditions

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He has developed the ability to treat bowlers all over the world with contempt and can destroy any attack with utmost ease. Due to his technical purity, he can notch up a string of useful scores even when he is not in the best of nicks. The Little 'Master- Blaster' made the highest runs in a single calendar year in One Day Cricket in 1998, amassing 1894 runs in 34 games at an average of 65.31, including nine hundreds and seven fifties. He broke his own world record of 1611 runs set in 1996. He has also crossed 1000 runs marks in other three years 1994, 1997 and 2000.

He is the first man to scale the summit of 10,000 runs in one-day cricket. He is also very good at the test matches. He has already passed the tally of 6868 runs to become India's second highest test runs getter. He also holds the record of youngest player to get 1000 runs in test at the age of 19yrs and 217 days. He has also climbed the No.1 spot in the very important and prestigious Wisden Cricket Ratings based in his test performances.I, surely, would like to see Sachin Tendulkar chosen as sport person of the year.

His superb skills and technique make him an inspiration to the upcoming youngsters in the game of cricket.

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