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Sample essay topic, essay writing: The Illuminati - 1147 words

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In a system that claims to be democratic, a question of its legitimacy remains. Does the American public really have the power that the government says that we do? Conspiracies concerning the government have always been the center of many discussions and arguments. Cases like the Kennedy assassination, to even Elvis stories have gained a lot of attention. One conspiracy that has missed the public eye is the existence of the Illuminati. The word Illuminati derives from the Latin word Illumine, which means, "To be enlightened." (The history of the Illuminati.

Myron Fagon Epic Tree Video, 1964). They feel that they are superior and possess a higher level of intellect. Their goal is create a one-world government, which is known as the "New World Order." (Still, Willam T. New World Order: The ancient Plan of Secret Societies. Fresno, California: Expression Publishing P. 23) Their means by achieving this exists through the media and the money system

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In the following paragraphs I will prove the existence of the Illuminati, the part that our government in conjunction with the world governments play in the "plan;" and how the Masons tie into this conspiracy. (The history of the Illuminati. Myron Fagon Epic Tree Video, 1964)The Illuminati has existed since ancient times. The ancient Africans were part of this elite group. Through times and generations, the Illuminati has re-incarnated itself.

(Debarros, Jason. Personal Interview. 4 Apr. 2000.) This reincarnation took place in 1776 by German Adam Weinsap. Adam Weishaupt was a professor of canon law at the University of Ingolstadt.

He started the Order of the Illuminati on May 1, 1776, originally calling it the Order of "Perfectibilists." His plan was to use the Grand Orient Lodges of Europe as a filtering mechanism through which to screen out talent and build a hierarchy of inner circles. (The history of the Illuminati. Myron Fagon Epic Tree Video, 1964)The word Illuminati was viewed as an "evil" term and was never used during the 1800's. (The history of the Illuminati. Myron Fagon Epic Tree Video, 1964) As time went on, power was gained.

What many do not know is that the Illuminati was behind this killing of the Rominovs, the Czar of Russia along with his family. (Carr, William Guy. Pawns in the game San Fransisco: Imation Publishing 1977) This occurred because the Czar learned of the Illuminati's plan. What many fail to realize is that the Illuminati have been behind every major war and major political issue since 1776. (The history of the Illuminati.

Myron Fagon Epic Tree Video, 1964) Since their objective is power, money equates to power, and war brings revenue. The Illuminati has a four- step operation in which Weinsap created for success. 1. Monetary and sex bribery was to be used to obtain control of men already in high places in the various levels of all governments and other fields of endeavor. Once influential persons had fallen for the lies, deceits, and temptations of the Illuminati, they were to be held in bondage by application of political and other forms of blackmail, threats of financial ruin, public exposure, and physical harm, even death to themselves and loved members of their families. 2. The Illuminati who were on the faculty of colleges and universities were to cultivate students possessing exceptional mental ability and who belonged to well-bred families with international leanings, and recommend them for special training in Internationalism.

Such training was to be provided by granting scholarships, like the Rhodes Scholarship, to those selected by the Illuminati. All such scholars were to be first persuaded and then convinced that men of special talent and brains had the right to rule those less gifted on the grounds that the masses do not know what is best for them physically, mentally, and spiritually. 3. All influential people who were trapped to come under the control of the Illuminati, plus the students who had been specially educated and trained, were to be used as agents and placed behind the scenes of all governments as experts and specialists. They would advise the top executives to adopt policies which would, in the long run, serve the secret plans of the Illuminati's one world conspiracy, and bring about the destruction of the governments and religions they were elected or appointed to serve.  4. They were to obtain absolute control of the press so that all news and inforation could be slanted to convince the masses that a one world government is the only solution to our many and varied problems.

They were also to own and control all the national radio and TV channels. (The history of the Illuminati. Myron Fagon: Epic Tree Video,1964)The Illuminati consists of the top 1% of the world's population. (The history of the Illuminati. Myron Fagon: Epic Tree Video,1964) This way of thinking is categorized as fascist. Fascism approaches politics in two central areas, populist and elitist.

Populist in that it seeks to activate 'the people' as a whole against perceived oppressors or enemies and to create a nation of unity. The elitist approach treats as putting the people's will on one select group, or most often one supreme leader called El Duce, from whom all power proceeds downward. The two most recognized names that go along with Fascism are Italy's Benito Mussolini and Germany's Adolf Hitler. The Illuminati falls into the "Elitest" category. Fascism seeks to organize an organization led mass movement in an effort to capture the state power. Which in essence is the main goal of the Illuminati. The world's politicians and most powerful people are affiliated with this organization.

Our very own US government is part of the Illuminati conspiracy. As I mentioned, the Illuminati's objective is power, and money equates to power. This is the major reason why the Illuminati controls our federal reserve system. They have also set up similar establishments in every major world market with the exception of Asia. (Still, P. 136) There are thousands of foreign troops in Australia, including troops from the United States of America.

They have obviously been there for some time now. What is taking place is known as 'war games', and often remains secret. It is all alarming, as those who are investigating the New World Order sense that global forces are manipulating us in order to bring our nation under the full control of the international elitists. (Cooper, William. Behold the Pale Horse. P 38-41 Sedona, Arizona: Light Technology Publishing 1991) The training of soldiers for rural and urban search of towns and homes is an obvious finger that points to "foul play" with in the world government. Why would U.S.

soldiers be in Australia in the first place?In addition to this, is the Pyramid with the Latin inscription on the back of our dollar bill. This symbol appeared for the first time on our dollar bill during Roosevelt's term while he was passing the "New Deal" policy to get us out of the Great Depression. (Carr, William Guy. Pawn ...

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