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Sample essay topic, essay writing: Music In My Life - 385 words

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You see a girl sobbing so hard you can't hear her actually crying, and she's looking up with her wet eyes and holding her arms up in the air. You can only imagine what is wrong with her. I can tell you what's wrong with her, Music. This is what music does to people and I love it for that. Music makes people feel good inside so much that it might even hurt.

In this essay I will talk about music; how it makes you feel, why, and why I love music in all forms.Music can make you feel great. The lyrics can mesmerize you, or just the beat, or maybe the rhythm. Lyrics are sometimes the most important and recognizable part of a song. But lyrics can be good or bad. My favorite parts to a song are the beat and especially the tune. I just love a good guitar riff

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Would you like to know why music makes you feel so great inside? So why does music make people feel so good? Well, I would personally say that lyrics are a key to the reason. You probably agree with the ideas and opinions of the members of your favorite group. So whatever they sing about, you're going to say to yourself, while listening, 'yes what the lead singer in this band just said is right'. You're so happy because your personal ideas and beliefs are on a CD! That is why a lot of people feel good about music. My favorite band is from the 80's; Journey and every time I hear one of their songs it takes me on a sentimental "journey" to that time of my life.

I love what they sing about. I also love the actual music of a song, the guitar and drums. I play the guitar so I guess I have more respect for a guitar player and his work than others. But I love the sounds that can be produced by a guitar. I'm an overall music guy, I guess.

I hope you agree with me on the preceding topics. It is my view on music and why people love it. Please remember, the next you listen to your favorite song, that music is the root and soul of my and many, many others' lives.

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