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Entertainment Editorial Everyday life has had so many recent advancements. All the time new inventions are becoming available to the public. These inventions will help make the country be great and rise above all the others. Many of these new inventions are helping to make our country better because they make some things available in the homes that never were before. Once you would have to go out in the evening if you wanted to go out dancing with your wife. Well now dancing has been brought to your house with The National Gramophone Company's gramophone and the Victrola by Victor talking Machines Company.

There are many good reasons to own one of these products. Now you can have all the fun of going out to dance whenever you want it. The Victrola also comes with an instructional booklet to learn all the popular new dances. Every home should have one of these because it is the premiere form of entertainment that will be fun for years to come. Not only can you learn all the current dances that everyone is doing and have it for anytime, but now your children can stay in the home and still have a fun night

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Your children will want to stay in the house and learn to dance or listen to all the fun sounds of the gramophone. Your sons and daughters will have a wonderful time in the house. You don't have to fear what might happen to them if they go out. No worries of who they meet because you are the one providing their entertainment. Don't go out at night and dance.

Do you even know how to dance? Well with the Gramophone from The National Gramophone Company and the Victrola from Victor Talking Machines Company you can dance at any time and learn all the dances that you don't know. These machines will quickly advance our country past others and make for happier people as well.

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