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Sample essay topic, essay writing: A Film I Have Seen - 521 words

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A film I have seen I've seen a lot of films, and with a lot of different genres. But I don't think that romantic films are pretty good. They are too boring. The good films are action or comedy films, but the best films are action and com-edy films mixed together. That's why I've chosen the film Taxi 2.

It's a French produced film, with a lot of action and comedy. It's a pretty new film, and I saw it in the cinema last month. I've looked very much forward to see that film, because Taxi was very good too. It took only 5 weeks to get 10 mil-lion Frenchmen into the cinema. Just for watching Taxi 2

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The film is taking place in Paris. Samy Naceri is playing the lead-ing role as Daniel. Daniel is an illegal taxi driver, because he hasn't any driver license. In the intro to the film he is overtaking Jean-Louis Schlesser (former worlds best rally driver) and drives a lot faster than him, because he had a woman should who bear, on the backseat. Daniel has a girlfriend called Lily.

She had invited Daniel for dinner, so the parents could see him. Her fa-ther is an army man. Under the dinner the father tells some long stories about his experiences in a war. Suddenly the red telephone rings, and he had to go to the airport to meet the Japanese Minister of Defence. The father had a chauffeur who should pick him up, but the chauffeur were involved in a car accident on the way, and Daniel must drive him to the airport. In the airport Daniel meets 'Emilien (Fr'ed'eric Diefenthal) and Chief Inspector Gibert (Ber-nard Farcy) who he already knows from Taxi 1. The Japanese Minister of Defence was coming to France to see a French project to fight against the crime, because Japan had some problems with the yakuza (the Japanese ma-fia). The French police had planned a tour in Paris, with some planned crime factors.

But the yakuza is also making a factor and is kidnapping the Japanese Minister of Defence. Then they together are trying to get the Japanese Minis-ter of Defence back. At last they succeed, and everything is fine. I like the film very much. I think its one of the best films I've seen ever.

The comedy in the film is just my humour, and the action was okay. There was some car chasings, some shooting and so on. The film is only 1 hour and 25 minutes, which isn't so quite long as a normal film. When I saw it I thought that it was a short film, but I also think it's because that some-thing happens all the time. There is always some action. You don't fall asleep when you see it.

I don't think that the film has a message. I think the film is meant as entertaining. The most action films haven't a message that they want to say. The only bad thing to say about the film is that they speak French, but again, it's also good that they haven't synchronized it. I hope that number three also is coming.

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