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Sample essay topic, essay writing: Being Young - 565 words

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Being YoungEveryone has once been young. But everybody hasn't gone through thisdifficult period in life the same way. Which possibilities and living conditionshave teenagers nowadays?Some people think that you leave childhood when you become a teenager, andthat you are still young up in your twenties. I don't think there are exactlimits that tell you whether you are young or old. According to christiantradition one is considered adult after the confirmation, but I wouldn't callfifteen year-olds adults.

At that age, they're still not ready to handle theconsequences of their own actions. When you are eighteen, you are considered anindependent individual, and have all juridical rights, such as driving a car andthe right to vote. You are also bound to serve in the military. Nevertheless,one can't buy spirits before the age of twenty-one is achieved.Now, more than ever, fashion seem to dominate the youth's everyday. Perhapsthe reason is that they feel insecure and think that the 'right' clothes willgive them a feeling of being accepted by the group

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This phenomen has a negativeside. What if a pupil can't afford to buy these clothes? Will he or she beexcluded from the gang? Some schools in various countries have tried to solvethis problem. They have introduced a rule that allows pupils to go at schoolonly if they are dressed in a specific school-uniform. But many students don'tlike these uniforms. They want to decide for themselves how to dress.During the last years it has become more usual for parents to divorce.

Somepeople think that this conflict may have a positiv effect on kids, because thechildren get a bigger family to hold on to. Others think the opposite. But it isobvious that parental separation can harm or ruin many childhoods. I don't thinkit is healthy for the kids if they feel dragged between their mother and father,and perhaps it is even worse if the child is allowed to choose which parent tolive with. In Norway, children above twelve years have the possibility to maketheir own choice.When youngsters today seek entertainment, he or she has a tendecy to dropdown in front of a television set.

This is not very constructive, because itleads to passivity. In the past, kids used to tell stories to each other andplay games, both inside the house and out in the streets. I think that was amore developing way of entertainment. One can already see the results of thetelevision's influence. Young people are getting more violent as the moviestoday contain a lot of violence.

There are exceptions, though. Many teenagersare members of athletic assosiations, and this is a solid counterweight againstbad television influence.Another and perhaps just as frightening problem in the big cities is thatdrug abuse among youngsters appears more and more frequently, and that severalyoung lifes are ruined because of this. Increasing juvenile crime may be aresult. The authorities have difficulties finding the solution to these problems.The abuse of drugs or alcohol may start harmlessly with a beer or two at anearly age, often because of insecurity or because of a negative gang mentalitity.Young people want to show off and in this way perhaps feel more secure and'grown up'.But being young is also positive. At this age, you haven't got theresponsibility you get when you get older. That is why we like to enjoyourselves while we can, because later in life we might never have the chance!.

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