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Who Am I If I was stranded on a desert island with any three items I think I would have to have one of my best friends Liz with me. We would be able to spend time together there and be able to talk and share our experiences that I have on the island no matter good or bad we could go through it together. The second thing that I would have to have with me is a box of matches. I could make a fire with them to stay warm, cook, and be able to make smoke so people could find me and I would be able to get home. The last thing that I would have with me is a knife so I could cut food that I catch with it and defend myself if anything or anyone comes to bother me.

These things I choose shows that most of the time I care about my self and what can benefit me. If I had a million dollars I definitely would not be stranded on an island. I would buy everything I can for myself and maybe give a little money to my family so they can have some of the benefits of being wealthy. I would spoil my self with the most fantasist things I can find and walk around like I am a big shot. This says a number of things about me because it shows how much I care for myself and how I do everything that makes me better then most people. The thing that is the most important in my life is my self confidence because if I was not confident with my self I would not have been able to achieve what I have and get the things that have spoiled me all of these years. I have had thing handed to me most of my life and I feel that I have the ability to do things that most people cannot do or better then they can do.Who Am I? Is a big question because I feel that I am different then most of the other people my age

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I am a good definition of a narcissist because I do things that benefit me all the time. I usually do care what people around think and I just do what ever will make me happy. That is what is who I feel I am.

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