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Example research essay topics, free essays

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  • A Fight! - 294 words
    A Fight!People are different, everyone thinks differently, has differentcharacteristics people act differently, no one is the same in this world. Thisis good, but some of the time young people do things they regret later,sometimes they cant control what they do, other times they do things to getrespect from other people. One of these things I am talking about is fightingbetween other fellow peoples. When I was at the age of 9, I saw my first fightbetween two of my best friends. It all started approximately 3 weeks before theactual fight with a silly name calling game which turned very bad. One day bothof these very close friends were in a classroom together with a group of otherstudents in t ...
  • Marketing Research For Augusti - 1,256 words
    ... s held constant, per dollar change in blanket price will have a $600 difference in contribution margin. In other words, the blower price can influence the rate at which prospective buyers would purchase the system since the market was price-sensitive to alternative methods, whereas the blanket price dominates margins because of its volume. Therefore, in the long run, a company can maximize its profits by selling lots of blankets, which requires selling large volume of blower units in the early marketing stage. Besides, there is no patent protection for the blower unit. The competitor can enter this market easily by offering low-priced products as well as blanket market since they are com ...
  • Daniel Pearl - 755 words
    WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Intensive negotiations are under way with Pakistan for the extradition to the United States of Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh, the top suspect in the kidnapping and killing of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl, the White House said Monday. Other government officials said that federal prosecutors from the U.S. attorney's office in Washington are working on bringing criminal charges in the case. But officials refused to comment on how soon a grand jury might bring any indictments. Asked Monday if the United States is interested in bringing a criminal case against Sheikh, President Bush said, 'We're always interested in dealing with people who have harmed American citizens. ...
  • Bank One And Lasalle Bank Comparison - 1,144 words
    Bank One In 1929, Commercial National and City National Bank of Commerce of Columbus, Ohio, merged to form City National Bank and Trust. City National offered the first Visa credit card outside of California in 1966; it also created the first drive-up bank, and was one of the first banks to use ATMs. A holding company called First Bank Group of Ohio was formed and it became Bank One in 1979. As interstate barriers to banking fell, the bank moved into Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan and Wisconsin. The First National Bank of Chicago and Bank One merged on October 2, 1998. The merger between Bank One Corporation and First Chicago NBD Corporation created what became known as Bank One, Chicago's larg ...
  • Japanese Intern Camps - 1,342 words
    Barabara ni naruCivilian Exclusion Order No. 79Effective Friday 22 May 1942On this fateful day the evacuation of 100,000(+) Japanese immigrants and Japanese American citizens during World War II were forced into incarceration (internment compounds). These compounds were placed inland throughout the WesternUnited States. The Japanese peoples of the greater Seattle and Puget Soundareas were forced to leave their homes, schools, temples (and churches), andshut down family businesses in Seattle's Nihonmachi (Japantown)community area.In the basement of the "Panama Hotel", at the corner of sixth and main street, a time capsule of eight days of diaspora that scattered Japanese American Heritage exs ...
  • Rosa Parks - 453 words
    Rosa ParksRosa Parks is an extraordinary person because she stood up against racism andstood up for herself. It was even harder for her because she is a woman, and inthose days, things were much harder for woman. Rosa Parks hated the ways of herlife. She had always dreamed of having freedom in her life. As she grew up, shewent through different experiences that gave her courage and strength.One day, Rosa Parks had so much courage and strength that when her bus arrivedto pick her up, she got on the bus, put her money in the slot, and sat in thefront of the bus. Black people were supposed to sit in the back. The bus drivertold her to move to the back, but she just sat there and refused to move ...
  • Bi-polar Disorder - 1,051 words
    AbstractWhat defines Bi-polar Disorders, and different therapies for Bi-Polar Disorders? My hypothesis is that Bi-Polar Disorder is a chemical imbalance in the brain, and the only therapy is taking medication. The research design consist of going to the library, and using Internet resources, and will be performed on Mondays and Tuesdays. My research method consist of a review of the literature. My summary of the results were astounding. I found that there are more procedures and different medications that can be taken to help a person. I learned a lot about the symptoms and characteristics of the disorder. The results suggest that this disorder, has many different methods of treatment, but t ...
  • Evelyn Glennie - 761 words
    Evelyn GlennieEvelyn Glennie is a true musician. There are a lot of people out there that want to do what she did, and what she's still doing, but frankly not many people are willing to put that much effort and time into achieving what she has. Not to mention that almost everyone lacks the talent. Evelyn hopes that the audience will be stimulated by what she has to say (through the language of music) and will therefore leave the concert hall feeling entertained. That is true musicianship. Now is the time that I should start spouting off all of her amazing achievements, but if I attempted that not only would I get bored writing a list that long, but also you would get bored trying to read one ...
  • The Making Of A True Person - 482 words
    One day five years ago I meet a boy. This boy was specialin every way possible, except with himself. He had alwaysheld back his feelings never sharing his thoughts withanyone. After a while this boy had grow close to me andwe had started dating. The boy and I decided one day tocall it off and just be good friends, but for the boy and I wedidn't realize it but we had already grown to close. Duringa past years of being together we had dated on and off. Finding that ever time we split apart we had grown closerand could never leave each other's sight. Finally the boyand I decided to give it a long-term try, where we couldtalk out our differences and problems. I always knew thatthere was somethin ...
  • Sleep And Dream - 592 words
    Sleep and Dreams Sleep is a behavioral state characterized by little physical activity and almost no awareness of the outside world. Sleep is actually made up of two separate and distinctly different states called REM sleep (rapid eye movement) and NREM sleep (non-rapid eye movement). With NREM sleep it is further divided into stage 1-4 based on the size and the speed of the brain waves. Step one is the stage when you drift off to sleep or doze off. For example people doze off in class because you are bored and have nothing to do but listen to the teacher talk. Some parents may call it a cat nape when their kids go to sleep for about ten minutes or so. The second stage is called an intermedi ...
  • A Dolls House - 1,494 words
    A Doll's House, a play by Henrik Ibsen, tells the story of Nora, the wife of Torvald Helmer, who is an adult living as a child, kept as a doll by her husband. She is expected to be content and happy living in the world Torvald has created for her. By studying the play and comparing and contrasting the versions presented in the video and the live performance, one can analyze the different aspects of it. Ibsen's purpose for writing this piece is to entertain while pointing out an injustice. Through the events of the play, Nora becomes increasingly aware of the confines in which Torvald has placed her. He has made her a doll in her own house, one that is expected to keep happy and busy as a son ...
  • The Openings Of The Time Machi - 1,049 words
    The openings of the Time Machine and Lord of the Flies seem like a description of paradise. In what ways does this turn out to be deceptive? The Time Machine is about the possibility of time travelling. In the story, one man succeeds in building a fully working time machine, and he uses it to travel into the future. The story was written during the Victorian times (1895), by H.G. Wells. Lord of the Flies involves a group of boys who crash land on an island, in the middle of nowhere. It begins as paradise, but as the story goes on it turns out differently to what they expected. William Golding wrote the story, during the Cold War era. It was written after the Second World War. The times, in w ...
  • The Wild West - 262 words
    Many of the stories which have been told about Annie Oakley simply are not true. Some were the products of the creative imaginations of the promoters of Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show. In more recent times, these 'enhancements' were the results of writers of popular fiction and television and motion picture screenwriters. In most cases, the true stories about Annie are better than the fictitious ones. Annie's father, Jacob, fought in the War of 1812. His military records in the National Archives spell his last name Mosey. Her mother, Susan, named her Phoebe Ann, but her sisters preferred to call her Annie. In the Federal Census of 1860, the family name was spelled Mauzy. In the 1870 Census, A ...
  • Catcher In The Rye - 903 words
    'There's far more to the censorship issue than a ban on sex and four-letter words. I sometimes think that those of us who need to be the most clearheaded about these matters are planting the very trees that obscure our view of the forest,' says Dorothy Briley. According to Briley, a vast amount more is needed than simply vulgar language and suggestive material to censor a novel. But this is the very reason why J. D. Salinger's The Catcher in the Rye is frequently being banned from high schools. To the teenage readers, who are at the transition from childhood to adulthood, the protagonist of The Catcher in the Rye, Holden Caulfield, who has not quite reached the brink of manhood, becomes the ...
  • Is The Internet Bring A New Era Of American Cultural Imperia - 1,319 words
    The Internet has emerged as the most rapidity adopted communication medium in history. The Internet by design is de-centralized, inexpensive, uncensored, and accessible from anywhere in the globe. Bill Gates contends that the Internet is first step along the "Information Superhighway", which will ultimately create a "global village" that will allow for a more symmetrically distribution of information. The United States, which invented most of the underlying technologies for the Internet, leads the rest of the world in embracing the Internet as measuring by users, the number of English based web-sites, and Internet Service Providers (ISP), but also producing the hardware and software that dri ...

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